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Community Services

The Fountain Square Church of Christ is here to be of service to our community.  Through our "WE CARE" program overseen by our Care Executive Committee (CEC board), we are here to help those in need with the following resources:


Food Pantry:  appointment with the CEC board is required for us to help assess your needs. Must meet program criteria for help.


Benevolence:  assistance with emergency expenses and requires an appointment with the CEC board to assure the need meets program requirements.


Resource Assistance:  We can assist in finding resources to assist with quality of life needs. Requires meeting with the CEC board along with case workers from other organizations.




Fletcher Place
Right across the street from us, ok, well sort of across the street and down a block is the 

Fletcher Place Community Center. We help out at least once a month by volunteering to serve the dinner to those who arrive at the center for assistance 

Prayer Requests

The Fountain Square Church of Christ leaders and members are available to pray with you and for you. Please contact us for your prayer needs.



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