• Joe Strange

Who is Running Your House

Note before starting today's blog. Several weeks have gone by since my last post.

The reason why is: One, on the first Sunday of the Month we do not have a lesson. The service is spent in singing. If singing is your favorite part of worship then please join us on the first Sunday of the month in the evening.

Two,I found myself being called upon to deliver the message and I had to prepare for that.

Three, it was time for a leaders meeting and since I double as the Treasurer I had to prepare financial reports for that meeting.

I was reading up on finishing goals and why we don't. Because life just gets in the way and interrupts our regular routine we fall behind and quit. I don't wish to quit my blog. I also don't have time to go back and catch up. Hence I'll just start with Sunday July 21st and the messages brought to us that day by Monte Taplar.

In the way of following God, Moses was at one time the guy. Then came the shift to Jesus. In Luke 9 we have the story of the transfiguration of Jesus. Though Moses and Elijah were present and are MVP's of the Bible, the voice could be heard saying, "THIS IS MY SON. WHOM I HAVE CHOSEN. LISTEN TO HIM. Jesus is the Son of God. Even Moses in Deuteronomy 18, tells of a prophet like him that the people must listen to. God will speak to this prophet and the prophet will speak the words of God. So who should we be listening too but Jesus. The answer then to who is running the house? I must admit as this point in Monte's lesson I thought the answer is Jesus. But the answer was that God is running the house. He is the one who sent the prophets and Jesus was who he sent that we have now. The Jews in that time were told to stop following Moses and now as we do today listen to Jesus.

Are we letting God dwell in the house. It reminds me of an old saying that God is my co-pilot, when in fact God should be your pilot. There is value in this.

There is this metaphor here that life here on earth is a house we are living in. There then is a house being prepared for us in Heaven. Living in hope that Jesus is coming back to take us home. The Bible tells us we are Ambassadors, this is not our home. Our home is else where. Yet do we live a life that displays to others that we are bound for something greater. Live a life of hope attached to God.

I feel that I do not want the Speaker, in this case Monte read what my blog is because I'm sure what I got out of his lesson is not necessarily what he wanted me to get out of it. Bottom line is who is running your house. I need it to be God who is running my house on earth. This prepares me for the hope I have for that home is heaven. If I have God running my earthly house then I have hope in that house in Heaven.

Thanks for reading. Come see me at Fountain Square Church of Christ. I need the feed back to improve these blogs.


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