• Joe Strange

Waiting On Man To Get Into Position

Isaiah Echols was our guest speaker today.

His lesson came from Genesis 2:4-5. He had some very good observations that I would like to share with you. The verse says God had not caused it to rain. Great observation that things happen on earth because God caused it. That is the first observation I enjoyed. The second which was his major lesson was that there was no man. Man was not in position yet so rain had not occurred. Man was not yet in position for God to complete his next step in his plan, his wish and the provision he had for man was not supplied yet for man was not where he was suppose to be. Now in the case of Genesis, God had not created man. Isaiah wanted us to think God was not providing something because we had not put ourselves in position. What that position is was not something Isaiah clearly pointed out. What he did point out that as it says in Genesis, God saw all the he had made and it was very good. Hence I understood that man has made what was good into what is now bad. Is that position changing what is bad back into good. A position where we can act for God. Isaiah used an example how we have taken prayer and paddling out of schools. The result is lack of discipline. I liked that Isaiah explained that a follower of a teacher is called a disciple. Notice he said the similarities in the two words. Then we can say we do not have disciples in school as we have lost the ability to administer discipline in our schools. Isaiah went back to the verse in Genesis where it was misting not raining because there was no man. Hence then the lesson being we are not having a pouring rain of blessings in our life because we are not personally in the position we need to be. Isaiah also pointed out this also refers to a church. Is our/your church in a misting instead of in a pouring rain of God's blessings because of not being in the correct position? Another good analogy by Isaiah was the position of being stuck. He reminded us all of something we know all to well here in Indiana. When it snows your car can be stuck. Yet there is a way where you rock your car to get free. Are you stuck in the wrong position? Do you need to rock your way out? Another great point that Isaiah had, is that we here in Indianapolis have had lots of discussions this week about Andrew Lucks retirement. A 20 minute discussion where at some point I should have been able to throw in the story of Jesus. At least invite the person whom you were talking to, to come to church. Brings to my mind how many times I start a conversation with a pretty girl. Some where in the conversation she is going to find a way to mention she either has a boy friend or a husband. This is without me asking of course. Hmm, I thinking, the same way I should find a way to bring up I have a savior named Jesus and we share the same father, God.

OK, I'll finish with the question. Are you in the position to complete the mission? Do you feel like it is misting in your life and not raining? Then the position you need to be in maybe in church. You are invited you to come to church, Fountain Square Church of Christ, 1041 Spruce St. It is in the Fountain Square part of town. But I'm sure you figured that from the name, Sunday, Bible class is at 9 and services is at 10.

This is Joe.

God Bless


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