• Joe Strange


Monte Tapplar brought our lesson for this Sunday the 25th. Though in the bulletin the lesson was titled Accountability to God I picked up the word he used quite a lot in the lesson. That being the truth. The scripture he used was Romans 1: 18-23. The wrath of God against those who suppress the truth. Go read it as I paraphrased that. The evidence that there is a God is all around us. Yet there are those who refuse to believe the truth. I remember I was in a play once based on, if memory serves, a poem. There are none so blind as those who will not see. The truth that there is a God and he created the heavens and earth. Monte pointed out the scripture from Acts 17:29, we are God's off spring. Not some idol man has made. I always thought man made idols because they have a hard time believing they are not they're own god. By making idols they are making a god they are not really subject to. I liked Monte's statement that it was not the alarm clock that woke us up today but the grace of God.

Take the cycle of water found in Isaiah 40:22. Is that an accident. Brilliant creation of God to have created this cycle of water. If you seek the truth you can see God's handiwork every where. This is all the time I have for today's blog. The truth is out there. Sounds like something from the X-Files? Please join us next Sunday.


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