• Joe Strange

The Jesus Style Ministry

I am not sure I can say Tom Norvell was our guest speaker today. We have been without a minister for some time now. He was here considering us and we are considering him as the minister.

We were all quite pleased on his topic. I did tell him that one of the best lessons we received was on the topic of Jesus and the Samaritan Lady at the well. Particularly on how Jesus responded to this lady. With compassion and love. He did not berate her.

The new information I had not had before was that at that time of day,noon, was not particularly a busy time of day for the well. The Samaritan lady went to the well at that time of day because she expected nobody to be there. Yet she found a Jew sitting there. This Jew even talked to her. If you are not familiar with the situation then let it be known to you that Jews thought Samaritans were beneath them and did not even acknowledge them at all. Jesus talked to the lady, he acknowledge she was a person worth talking to. He listened to her and what she had to say. He answers her questions and tells her that he was indeed the Messiah every body was waiting for. Which I personally find fascinating because in other time he did not come right out and say I am this Messiah. Perhaps because why tell someone something if you know they would not believe it. Jesus tells her things she did not want others to know. That was all it took for her to believe that he was indeed who he said he was. Jesus did not lecture her on what her life was like, did not condemn her he just stated the facts.

She returns to the village with value, she now speaks to folks she perhaps had never spoken to before. Now she knows something that the others need to know. Her testimony got others to listen to Jesus and believe.

The lesson I got out of it is at least acknowledge someone, respect them and their situation. Treat them with dignity and kindness, no condemnation. In the story they are at a well because they are thirsty. People all need something. They thirst for something. We have been trusted with the water people need. The story of the gospel. We need to help those who thirst for the "Words of Life."

Do you thirst for the Words of Life. We meet each Sunday to hear the words of Life. I would like to invite you to the well so you will thirst no more.


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