• Joe Strange

Still Waiting

Through out my many years I have heard many sermons pertaining to patience. Waiting on when GOD will act on your behave. We all have had enough of waiting for this Virus thing to be over so we can all go back to they way it was.

Our Leadership group for the Church meets every two weeks to determine what to do. Next week, the Sunday of the 24th, we will meet to discuss whether we will meet or stay away another two weeks.

We have been doing Communion drive up style in our parking lot. I miss getting to sit in the auditorium with my Brothers and Sisters, singing, praising and listening to the Word of GOD.

I don't know about your Church Family but ours is up there in the years department. Best if we all stay away for awhile. We have had 3 family members pass away in the last 3 weeks. Only one that I know of had anything to do with the Virus.

We will wait for now. Praise God


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