• Joe Strange

Still Waiting

We still wait for the mandatory lock out to be done with. Some said that the 60 and older members should not come in even when the lockout is done. Which makes us laugh for that describes most of our members. We continue to offer Communion in our parking lot on Sundays. This gives us a chance to say hi to some of our brothers and sisters. Keep praying for God to have mercy on us and let us go back to normal. I have heard some suggest that we will not go back to what was before but something different.


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For the first time since a date in March we met today and had a service where we praised and worshiped our God. It was quite different. It had to be. Everybody wore masks and sat far apart from each o

Still Waiting

Through out my many years I have heard many sermons pertaining to patience. Waiting on when GOD will act on your behave. We all have had enough of waiting for this Virus thing to be over so we can all

Greetings Saints

We have not met as a body in over 4 weeks. At first it was different and new. Now, I am done with it. I miss my family in the church. No bible study on Sunday morning or Wednesday evening. No services

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