• Joe Strange

Love Changes Everything

To remind you what is what, we do not have a full time minister here at Fountain Square Church of Christ. We get the word of God from guest speakers every week.

My name is Joe, I call myself the assistant minister though I'm not sure if officially I have a title. I blog each week on the message that we received that morning from our guest minister.

Today we had Brother Bryan Jarvis in town. Bryan now lives in Texas but he grew up in this congregation. Long before I arrived. Bryan was in town because his mother passed away.

His message as you can see from the title was love.

He pointed out the verse in Mark 12: 28-31, which I'm sure you are all familiar with. If not go look at it. Jesus is asked what is the number one commandment. Love God, with Love your Neighbor coming in second place. With that Bryan gave us stories of love in action. I began to recall how many Chicken Soup books I have read about such an occurrences. There was the story of the boy in High School that seemed not to care about school or his appearance. Then one day all that changed. He got up early went to school and took pains to make sure he looked good. I knew the answer to that as I'm sure any guy could tell you the answer. Yes you are right, her name was Cindy. Another story was about a Japanese prison camp where the camp was just terrible. Of course the guards were mean to the prisoners but in this one even the prisoners were mean to each other. It wasn't until a prisoner sacrificed himself for another prisoner that it all changed. There is more to the story but sorry but there isn't time to give it all to you. There was the story Bryan told about a Special student at a school that was being picked on by other students. When a member of the school's football team took the student under their wing, the bullying stopped. All stories of how love changed everything. You can't have a lesson on Love without mentioning what is written in 1 Cor 13. If you are not familiar with that one take a look at it. One can be and do everything but without love you have nothing. I think I have heard some songs written on that subject. Where do you think they got the idea?

Bryan then told a story of his own. A guy living out of his car in Texas met with Bryan and was baptized. The gentleman had what in Texas was called a common law wife. (Not sure such a thing is true here in Indiana) There was 5 kids that had been removed from him because of his situation. Again I am giving you the condensed version of the story. With love from the local church the guy has officially been baptized, married, moved into a house, has a job and is reunited with his kids. Another story for Chicken Soup for the Soul.

There was one more story about Love so great an only son was given up to die so that all might be saved. Of course that is referring to God and his son Jesus.

There was another passage in the Bible that Bryan used. The gentleman whose life was turned around, it was all because of this passage. I'm talking about Acts 2:36-38. Go read it.

Thank you for reading the blog.


P.S. Do you feel like there is more to the story than I'm telling. To hear the complete lessons as they are being preached, you will need to join us each Sunday.


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