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Little Things

I decided that I need to blog on the day's lesson instead of waiting a week. Now that the lesson is fresh I hopefully will post a better blog.

Terry Gardner was our guest speaker for the day. His lesson was from Proverbs 30: 24-28.

About the ant, the badger, the locust and the Lizard. Four creatures that our wise and we would be wise to emulate them. That is what Terry was explaining to us that is the advise that God is giving us. Be an Ant. The time is now to store up what is needed. Do it today not tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come, no procrastination by the ants. They do it now. Terry said be about your Father's business.

Which if you recall was the line that Jesus used when his parents found him teaching in the temple. Very good I thought to myself. I can use that in the lesson I am preparing.

Terry used the four creatures to teach us the concepts of When-Where- How and Who.

The Ants teach us "When," Do it now.

The Badger teaches us "Where." Though small they learn to make their home in the rocks. We should not find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. We should make our home in a rock. That rock being Jesus Christ. The Devil is a roaring lion out to devour us. Making our home in the rock (Jesus) will keep us safe.

The locust have no King. They do not need a boss to force them to get it done. They do the work willingly. They teach us "How." I'll go back to the line about the Father's business. How should we go about doing it? Willingly

The last one was the lizard. I guess Terry thought we would be better off if we thought spiders instead of Lizards. Here in Indiana there are not a lot of lizards about. There are a lot of small, non dangerous (mostly) spiders about. Terry used Spider/Lizard to explain the Proverb statement they are found in King palaces. In other words they are persistent in getting where they want to be. No matter how hard you work at keeping them out they get in. Terry talked about the failures of Lincoln. Are you familiar with Lincoln. Before he became President he had a lot of failures. He kept at it till he made it to the top of his profession. He was persistent. I wondered how Terry was going to get "Who" out of this. Be persistent in who you are doing all this for, God. He went on to explain how in a marathon it is the first half of the race that is painful, or difficult. I have heard where the second half is called the racer's high. Your body adjusts to what is happening and starts to enjoy the exertion. When you hear the roar of the crowd and see the finish line you run faster and feel more of the adrenaline kick in. See the finish line of Heaven and run faster. Who is at that finish line? Jesus is at the line. It is time to find the passion that drives us. All tasks are easier once passion drives you and moves you to the finish.

Terry had a good line he picked up from somewhere. It was good enough that I'm going to create a post-it note and stick it up. There is Good, then there is Better and lastly there is Best. Never let it rest till Good is Better and Better is Best.

Go back up top and you'll see the title for his lesson was The Little Things: When, Where, How and Who. I laughed when he said we got a "Little Sermon" today. Which was true. It was short and we got out early today. But Terry, thanks for a BIG lesson.

10:00 am on Sundays. My name is Joe. Stop by for a visit some day.

Thanks for reading.


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