• Joe Strange

Jesus Paid It All

Terry Gardner was our guest speaker today.

He started by telling a story I was familiar with. Perhaps you have heard it yourself. There was this policewoman who mistakenly shot and killed a young man. In court as she was facing charges the brother of the man who was killed forgave her and asked to give her a hug.

That was forgiveness. Terry reminded us of how God forgave us. Jesus on the cross said "Forgive them Father for they do not know what they do."

Terry told us a story from his life where he was spanked for an offense he did not commit. When he complained he was told to think of the times he was not spanked for things he did do. Now I thought of the time I believed I was spanked when I was innocent. The advise Terry received at time he was punished helped me. I would call it closure. When I was thanking Terry for that story another member said he was embarrassed the time he punished the wrong child.

All this comes back to the fact that Jesus was punished for our wrong doing. Wrong doings he did not commit. Yet unlike us he willingly accepted that punishment on our behalf.

Terry said it seems like us humans are wired to want justice. In the story at the beginning the brother who forgave the police officer apparently took some heat. Many people thought he should have sought justice not give forgiveness. God got his justice as the punishment for the wrong doing was paid. How much love did God have for us? He sent his son to pay for our sins.

Terry told the story of the man who was forgiven his debts and then went right out and had those who owed him money thrown in prison. He reminded us of the Lord's prayer that says, "forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors." Reminding us again of the great forgiveness we have received. I then recalled myself of some debts I have where I owe people money that I cannot repay. They accepted the loss for which I am grateful. Well you and I owe a debt we cannot hope to repay. Jesus paid that debt. When we partake of the Lord's Supper each week we are reminded of JESUS PAID IT ALL.

Which was the title of the lesson. We can all relax. Each week we get a reminder that we are forgiven.


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