• Joe Strange

Hello Christians

I noticed it has been two months since I found the time to blog. Wow, well I was busy. Here is what has happened since my last message. We have a new minster now. His name is Robert Young Jr. Next Sunday after the service we will have a "Meet Robert" pitch in lunch. If you are in the area come join us and get to know him. You will get to eat too.

Here is some things I would like to share. Jack is our Bible class instructor on Sunday mornings. He was out one week for knee surgery so Robert filled in. We studied Moses and the burning bush. I found it fascinating when Robert pointed out that Moses had curiosity. When he saw a burning bush he didn't run away from it but went to investigate. Remember why Moses was where he was. He had seen something wrong and went to fix it. In this case it was a Egyptian roughing up and Israelite. Moses was a fighter. I found this interesting because I remember an author explaining to us about his character and the CIA. The CIA and those types of Government branches look for people who got into fights when they were young. They needed those types of people to complete the tasks that needed to be done. Moses has the characteristics that God needed to complete the task at hand. In this case save the Israelite's from there bondage in Egypt. Moses would have to stand before the Pharaoh and tell him to let the people go. One more point about Moses was that he had for 40 years been tending sheep. Now God was calling him to tend a different type of sheep. The 12 tribes were the sheep Moses would have to tend for the next 40 years. I found it all very fascinating look at Moses. For more lessons on the Bible stay tune to this Blog. Better yet you should join us on Sunday mornings as we praise and worship God.


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