• Joe Strange

Greetings Saints

We have not met as a body in over 4 weeks. At first it was different and new. Now, I am done with it. I miss my family in the church. No bible study on Sunday morning or Wednesday evening. No services on Sunday at all. We have been gathering at the church on Sunday morning to do communion in the parking lot. It has at least been something. We have been putting together our cup and bread. We ordered prepackaged communion from the Christian store. Everybody else must have been thinking the same thing. It was out of stock and on back order.

I have been coming to the church during the week to check on the building and get the mail. I sit in my office and do what I can. I pray to GOD to have mercy on us and lift this threat of the virus. I hope you have all been doing the same.

I had some side walk chalk. I have left a verse on the parking lot for all to see as they walked by. I talked to a guy walking his dog. He said his name was Don. One cool story I would like to share with you. He said his dog would not eat his meal until he heard it blessed in a prayer to GOD. Isn't that cool. Stay safe everybody.


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