• Joe Strange

Go With Him 2 Miles

Before getting into this blog I wanted to give the Email if you wish to reply.

Bryan Jarvis was our guest preacher for the day. Bryan grew up in this church and always considers it as home when he comes to visit.

Bryan gave us three good lessons on Mathew 5:41. He taught us that it was a law that if a Roman soldier should say to a resident of Israel, "carry my pack," by law he had to do it. The Jew, had all ready stepped out from his residence how long that mile was with a stake. When reaching that mile, the pack was dropped. So, when Jesus was telling them to take it another mile it was a difficult command to accept.

This statement by Jesus to us today means we should go above and beyond what is expected of us. We should also do this with a good attitude. The Jews in Jesus time were only doing what the law required of them. Bryan told the story of a guy who went far in his life because his motto was, "and then some." Since we want to lead a good Christian life and show others how great our God is. See if you to can find away to go that extra mile. There was more to the three lessons Bryan gave us on this subject but I'm short on time today. Instead of not giving you a blog I'm going that extra mile and getting something if not much into the weekly blog.


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