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Terry Gardner was our guest speaker today.

The scripture was from Mathew 18:21-22. I'm sure you are familiar with that one. Peter asked the Lord Jesus how many times we should forgive our Brother or Sister.

The scripture was from Mathew 18:21-22. I'm sure you are familiar with that one. Peter asked the Lord Jesus how many times we should forgive our Brother or Sister. forgiveness until a year later.

Terry said many things in his lesson that I thought was brilliant. Don't tell him that it will give him a big head. (Kidding) Peter says forgive the person 7 times. If you want to think about it that is a lot. A person offends you so much that you have to forgive him 7 times. Thinking after a couple of times I may not want to hang with a person if he keeps offending me. Yet the Lord says 77 times, or as I have heard from others the translation means 70 x 70. Now that really is a big number of forgiving.

If you look at the sins that you commit that is forgiven by God, then that number is really a lot. Keep reading in that chapter in Mathew about the master forgiving the servant his big debt. Terry said it was a million dollars. The servant goes out and has someone who owed him $100 thrown in prison for not being able to pay. Which we are to get out of the story that God has forgiven us a lot so some small infraction from someone should be something we forgive with no problem.

Terry went on to explain that some of the problems we have as humans that make it tough for us to forgive others. One of them is we just don't love the other person enough to want to do the forgiving. Throw in the problems of Pride and Ego and there isn't of lot of forgiving. Terry told us of a TV show he was watching about Country Music. Ego and Pride split up a lot of country music family s. Hank Williams was said to have a million dollar talent but his 10 cent brain killed him at 29.

Terry gave us 4 things about forgiveness

1. Forgive your enemies. - Jesus died on the cross forgiving those who were crucifying him. Plus he was dying before any of us asked for forgiveness

2. Forgive your self. - Terry brought up the story of David and his terrible sin of murder and taking another's wife away. David it seemed never forgot his sin. He carried it with him all through his life. I never thought about it but yeah. There are things David did not do in later life that seem strange to me. They were not the things one expects from reading about the younger David. That guilt of his sin affected his life's decisions or lack of decisions for the rest of his life. I wonder now did it effect Solomon and some of his bad decisions later in life. Terry said take Paul for instance. In his early career he really put it to the new Christians. So much that people were afraid of Paul. God forgave Paul and Paul knew that and he moved on with his life. How Paul put up with some of the stuff he had to deal with is incredible. His letters in the New Testament are so up lifting. Terry brought up the story of the Prodigal Son. The father had forgiven the son long before the son had acknowledge to him self he was in the wrong.

Terry finished his lesson by going back to his first story. The gentlemen whom he had offended took a year before forgiving Terry. "It was I who committed the offense so I figured out I needed patience to wait for the acceptance of my forgiveness."

What do you want from God? Mercy and forgiveness.

Thanks for reading. Do visit us if you get the chance. Next week we get to hear from a Minister whom we are going to ask to be our full time Minister. Appreciate any prayers you can offer at this time.

Joe Strange


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