• Joe Strange

Do What Jesus Says

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

On October 6th we had as our guest speaker, Danny Speight. I am writing this on the 13th so if this blog seems sketchy it is because I took bad notes and it has been a week.

Lords Supper: for over 2000 years we have been doing this to proclaim the Lord's death and resurrection.

When Jesus returns there will be saved and the lost. It so be a no brainier of what to choose, Paradise or a Lake of Fire.

Do you want the plan to Heaven

To fly in Indiana you need to have a special license to get on the plane. To get into heaven you will need a special license that is only handed out by Jesus.

If you know the son you know the father. If you hear Jesus you hear God. You must believe he exist and then seek him and live. Jesus spoke what God told him to say.

The more scripture you hear the more you know. Listen to the Gospel let it touch you.

Death is the destiny of us all. Think about that.

It was Danny's birthday on the day he spoke to us.


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