• Joe Strange

Attitude of Gratitude

Robert Young was our guest preacher for this Sunday. This was the Sunday after Thanksgiving, my guess is that influenced the subject and title of this Lesson. The scripture reading was Psalm 100.

Thankful for what God provides. Good manners is to say Thank You. It may not equal out what was given but it is a start.

Robert Young gave us 4 points from Psalm 100.

1. Celebration. When it comes to our feelings towards God they should not be humdrum. They should be a shout, make noise, a joyful noise to acknowledge God. God expects this from all the earth. Why not he provides everything to everybody. Celebrate God.

2. Dedication. We know something, that God is God. We are committed to serve. Those who need God sing to God and give God the glory for he has given us so much.

3. Identify Who he is hence who we are. We are his creation and he is our creator. That is what the relationship is, creator and creation. We are his possession. He is the potter and we are the clay. We are his sheep, he is the shepherd and it is his pasture. We depend on God like a sheep depends on the shepherd. We wake up every day not because of an alarm clock but because it is God's will.

4. Thanksgiving

Each day we enter through the Gate. We step on his property. Step onto the yard and tread on the grass provided by our God. He has provided a place there for each and everyone of us. Thankful, because there is a space provided for you. We are there in the space provided by God we should reciprocate that by obeying the laws set up by God on how we should live.

Why, because God is good and won't fail us. We fail him but God never fails us.

I myself have a great interest in being thankful to God. Sometimes I just have to have faith he hears me say thank you. I imagine hearing "welcome" being spoken to me. Now I can think a little more along the lines of shouting it and identfying that God is God and he takes care of me his creation. Thank you, my God, my creator, for your love and for providing me what I need.

And thank you for reading.


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